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Talk with a Counselor Today! Online Counseling Services are available through eTalkTherapy’s secure, live video-chat portal. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, perhaps we can help! Please CONTACT US to learn more about registering for and scheduling your first appointment.


Why Choose eTalkTherapy for Live Video-Chat Counseling?

Now more than ever, we long for purpose and meaning while all too often resorting to negative thinking and destructive behaviors to answer life’s questions and challenges. We can feel stuck, lost, and disconnected from ourselves and others. Are you experiencing an issue with any of the following: anxiety, depression, overwhelming stress, loss of meaning, inability to “turn off” your thoughts, feeling “stuck,” poor esteem or low confidence, relationship or “life” problems? In these cases, eTalkTherapy may be a helpful and meaningful alternative to a traditional office visit as it creates a level of anonymity that gives you the freedom and ability to address tough issues that might otherwise leave you feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable or disconnected in an office setting.

How Does eTalkTherapy Work?

Through online (live, secure video chat) counseling, we create a plan together and set out in an effort to gain better self awareness and engagement with others. eTalkTherapy is about living life on your terms, problem solving, and creating a life worth living. Ultimately, our goal is to help you by examining your personal history, embracing your present strengths and struggles, and accepting the anxiety of an uncertain future.

Above all, we want to help you find value and meaning in your life.

Can I Afford eTalkTherapy?

How much would you give to live a happier, peaceful, and more productive life? For most people, the answer is “whatever it takes.” However, we understand that almost all of us have financial limitations. eTalkTherapy is quite affordable, and fits easily into most budgets. If you want to change your life for the better, the cost of eTalkTherapy is a very small price to pay. Our fees are set at $60.00 per 50-minute secure, live video session. It’s that simple. No deductibles, no co-pays, no surprises. We believe therapy should be affordable as well as accessible. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SERVICE FEES HERE.

What are the Benefits to eTalkTherapy?

  • Convenience and Affordability:

Online counseling is affordable and convenient. Since you will be attending sessions online in the comfort of your own home, you can schedule your therapy sessions for times that are the most convenient for you and your busy schedule.

  • eTalkTherapy Makes Counseling Accessible:

It can be an important tool to help you learn more about your psychological health. Even if you feel like your mental well-being is strong, online counseling can help you become psychologically stronger. You can learn more about your behaviors and coping strategies that will lead to better psychological health. eTalkTherapy also offers easy access for college students, stay-at-home parents, veterans, those living in rural or remote areas, as well as those living with physical illnesses or limitations.

Is eTalkTherapy Effective?

Distance communication between a therapist and a client is not a new concept. Even Sigmund Freud used written correspondence extensively to communicate with his clients. Counseling of any kind, including online counseling, does have certain limitations, but evidence now suggests that online therapy and counseling may have the same level of effectiveness as a traditional office visit. In a study published in the World Journal of Psychiatry, clients receiving mental health treatment through video conferencing reported “high levels of satisfaction.” Online counseling is not for everyone, but it is a viable option, and should be taken into consideration as you choose your path to wellness.

Find solutions, rediscover meaning, and create a life worth living. Spend a few minutes with us, and we think you will agree that eTalkTherapy may benefit your life starting today.