Nutrition and Wellness

Tara RayburgHow would you like to wake up with energy, feel good in your clothes, and feel free to take on the day? Up until now, you’ve tried everything. You’ve tried the supplements, you’ve tried the eating plans, you’ve seen the doctors and you just don’t know what direction to go in and no one seems to understand. You’ve gotten stuck in the loop of ever-changing health fads, struggled to stay on track and motivated, only to find yourself back to square one and feeling bad about yourself and your body and thinking, “If I only had more willpower…” You often feel confused and alone.

I’ve been there!

I help people who feel powerless in their own body by taking control of their own health and well-being with the right tools and accountability. 

Maybe you keep running into persistent health issues and have possibly lived with these chronic conditions for years or even decades. You feel overwhelmed with very little guidance on where to go next. Perhaps you’ve even wasted money starting programs that you never finished.

Been there, done that!

After years of research and working with numerous health & wellness professionals, I can help you discover what works for you (and you alone) to become the best version of yourself because I’ve been in your shoes.

Right now you might be:

  • Feeling stuck and overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition and health information
  • Overweight, exhausted, or out of shape
  • Relying on caffeine and sugar to get through your day
  • Sick with digestive troubles and no idea what to eat
  • Experiencing headaches and “brain fog”
  • Feeling hopeless, alone, and not sure what steps to take next

If this sounds like everyday life, you have come to the right place for support! I will help you stay motivated, empowered, and on track.

I’m Tara and I work with those who want to feel happy, energetic, and in control of their own health and well-being. I’m a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach ready to support you on the path to freedom.

What would it feel like to be free? To actually want to get out of the bed in the morning? To enjoy food shopping and creating healthy tasty meals without 100 complicated ingredients? To eliminate the confusion of the grocery and health food stores and just eat REAL FOOD. What if you could take a look at your week and feel in control of your schedule because you are prepared with your plan, with your food, and self-care by honoring your body?

  • Imagine getting dressed and no longer feeling like nothing fits and seeing something at the store and knowing you can feel comfortable wearing it
  • Imagine finding exercise and movement that you actually want to do and being able to do it with less pain!
  • Imagine eating a meal and feeling energized and nourished by it
  • Imagine traveling and going out to dinner with friends and being able to order a meal without being sick afterwards
  • Imagine going to the grocery store knowing what to buy and not wasting any of the food you bought

The only way to get these results and feel this way is to consistently take a path of action and invest in taking care of your body every…single…day.

Welcome to my coaching program, where those ready to finally make a change will work with me one on one to become the person you know is still in there dying to come out. Let’s take action!  I will help clear up the confusion surrounding what foods to eat that work for you, simple ways to prepare them, stay on track with your goals, and ways to create energy, move easier, and shed those unwanted pounds!

There is so much confusing information out there and attempts to fit into one “diet” or one “plan” or even one “life!” In my program, we will work on what meets you in your life, in your body, and with your health needs. We will look at what is holding you back in all aspects of your life.

By the end of your coaching program, you will feel empowered, strong, leaner, more energetic, and ready to step into those shoes you only dreamed possible!

This program will save you time and energy in trying to navigate all of the information out there by yourself. With this program we will shape what foods, meals, planning, and goals you need to stay on track. You will take yourself from stuck, lost, sick, and hopeless to feeling confident and in control of your day rather than letting every day control you.

Now is your time!

Contact me today for a free wellness consultation! You and I, together, will discuss a program that may be right for you. Once enrolled, you will complete a health history and off we go!

This program is for those ready to take the next steps. Those feeling scared and those just plain over feeling lost in their own body. Those ready to be in control of their body and future. This program is not for those only looking to dip their toe in the water.

Real healing, energy, and freedom comes from being committed, courageous, and ready for change. Let’s get started!