Tara Rayburg

Tara Rayburg Holistic Nutrition and Wellness COach

Tara is a Holistic Nutrition and Integrative Wellness Coach. Her devotion to healing with a healthy lifestyle was born from having to take her health back into her own hands for her own illnesses many years ago. She works with each individual on their unique health needs and supports you on accountability and support with food, improving energy, movement, and stress relief.

Tara is certified with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as is a certified Yoga Teacher. She works with individuals in her Wellness practice as well as teaches yoga to guide people through movement with breath. Coaching passions include chronic illness support, digestive wellness, food intolerances and elimination diets, along with healthy meal planning.

My Story

Welcome! My name is Tara and I am a Holistic Nutrition and Integrative Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, and DoTERRA Wellness Advocate. My passion for staying on the path to well-being was born out of the development of a variety of chronic illnesses many, many years ago. You name it! Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme, Digestive issues, Autoimmune issues, Food Sensitivities/Allergies, Hypothyroidism and on the list goes. But at the core of all of that I found after years of research, trying it ALL, and spending a fortune in the pursuit of health, it’s me taking my health and life into my own hands that truly propelled me forward. I had to be the LEADER of my health team. Of course, I have expert help, doctors, and mentorship to keep me on track!

But it is my choice every day to wake up and stay on a path of action to healing and towards honoring my body with the right foods, movement, stress relief, and passions that make me happy. Years ago, I decided that I wanted to be the person I wish I had when this all started to help others stay on the path. To help those struggling know they had someone in their corner. Someone who has been where they have been.

It’s not something you can do without the right support! I’ve been there. I’ve been the lowest of lows to the darkest of dark days. But the next day I again made the courageous choice to keep going, because there is and always will be hope! Don’t ever give up on yourself and your pursuit of your goals and that freedom you want to feel in your body. Whether that be bringing more movement and exercise into your life, working on food choices, stress relief, weight loss, waking up with more energy… whatever your goals are you can and will get there! As my very wise mentor has said, it’s simple, but not easy. We can do this! I’m here to support you.

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​Much love!