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The Accidental Existentialist” Magazine Contributor Guidelines

A writer for this online journal should have an interest in providing clear and useful information in the areas of psychology, psychotherapy, mental health or counseling from an existential/humanistic perspective to the public and have previous writing experience.

Entries may range in length from 500 to 1,500 words. Writers will receive a byline/writing credit, including website and email link.

This is your opportunity to submit educational and informative content that promotes growth in all aspects of mental health issues from an existential/humanistic perspective.

How to Participate…
Initially, you should contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself and to let us know what subject you wish to write about. Please include one or two topics with a brief outline of what they are about. This will give us a chance to evaluate our content line-up for future submissions.

Submission Requirements

  • CONTENT: Your submission should include subjects related to existential psychotherapy and counseling, meaning and person-centered therapies, personal growth, and mental health and wellness that is easy to understand for those seeking to understand existential therapy from a layperson’s perspective and not exclusively academic.

  • COPYRIGHT: If you have used any reference material to help to prepare your article, it is vital that you include the proper credits/citations along with your article. Without this, you may be found liable for copyright infringement. If the publisher feels that an article does not display the proper copyright credit, we have full authority to refuse your article without notice.

How to Submit Finished Article

  1. Once the publisher receives your initial inquiry and accepts your topic/outline, you will be invited to submit your article.
  2. Submissions may be provided by email as an attachment as either a .doc or .txt format.
  3. Title article
  4. End the article with a biography, not to exceed 150 words in length
  5. Include Full Company Name, Name, Address, Email, etc. at the end of the article
  6. PHOTOGRAPH:  Email a FULL COLOR digital photo as an attachment in the following format .jpeg


  1. The publisher holds no guarantees as to whether your article will be published. Even if you are notified that your article will be published, we have full rights, without notice, to change our mind.

  2. EDITING – all articles will be edited for content and space at the full discretion of the publisher/editor.

  3. Upon publication of your article, you will receive a $25 stipend. We realize that it is not much, but hope over time we can grow our audience and increase our writer’s fees. You may also introduce yourself through a 75-100 word biography at the end of your article. This is an opportunity for you to tell readers who you are, where you can be reached and display your website information. Be creative, this is in essence your advertisement for your business, career,  practice or services.

 QUESTIONS? Please contact us using the form below. Thank you.

Your contributions may stimulate and strengthen growth within our society. On behalf of the publisher, editor, and our readers, thank you for your support!