Dream Nurturing

Dream Nurturing with Don

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REMEMBER WHEN SCHEDULING: Counseling Sessions are designated as 50 Minutes. Dream Nurturing Sessions with Don are designated as 60 Minutes.

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What is Dreamwork or Dream Nurturing?

Dreamwork is a term generally used to illustrate the exploration of dreams in therapy and counseling. Most therapists agree that the use of dreamwork in their practice often helps people problem solve, promote self-awareness, and improve overall health and wellness.

As an existential therapist, I refer to dreamwork as dream nurturing. It is more than just a question of semantics, as I do not analyze or interpret a person’s dreams based on any set or preconceived notions or theories. Rather, my role is to act as a guide in the exploration of the dream, allowing you the opportunity to discover the unique meaning(s) of your dream(s). I encourage the dreamer to foster growth in their dreaming life and to use these tools as a means to better understand one’s sense of self as well as one’s being-in-the-world.

Dream research could have major clinical implications down the road. Dr. Allan Hobson, a sleep researcher at Harvard Medical School, argues that dreaming may help scientists understand the nature of consciousness, and therefore could greatly impact our knowledge of mental illness and mental wellness.

Someone once asked me in passing, “I always dream about cats. What does that mean?” I wish I could have told her what those dreams about cats meant for her – but in the end I could not. Learning the language of dreams is something that takes time and practice, and my view and approach is that the meaning of dreams varies greatly from person to person.

I have spent many years studying dreams and dream work from psychological theories to neurocognitive research. My conclusion? Write down that dream and contact me so that together we can explore and nurture the rich tapestry of your dreaming life.

I subscribe fully to the statement of professional ethics adopted by the ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF DREAMS (ASD).

InternationalAssociationfortheStudyofDreams_logoInternational Association for the Study of Dreams is a non-profit, international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the pure and applied investigation of dreams and dreaming.