What is Online Therapy?

Is eTalkTherapy Right For Me?

Currently we are only able to see Counseling clients who reside in Pennsylvania. However, Dream Nurturing and Professional Development/Consulting Services are available nationwide.

Are you feeling stuck? Are you having difficulty adjusting to life’s challenges or making and maintaining meaningful relationships? If you view your issues as challenges of living, rather than symptoms of a diagnosis and you are genuinely concerned with increasing self-awareness through self-exploration, then you will be well served by this form of counseling. It will foster your search for meaning through personal investigation and inquiry and will attempt to clarify your own life’s story and mission, especially if you are facing a significant personal change, transition or challenge.

If you are less inclined to explore your life and its meaning or if you are seeking immediate relief from specific psychological symptoms based on a diagnosis then you will probably find less value in our style of counseling. It is not for everyone, yet it does address those underlying life issues that affect us all. Whether it is living with the anxiety of an uncertain world, feeling sadness or loss of meaning, or attempting to move forward in the face of overwhelming adversity, helping you create a life worth living is the goal of our therapy and counseling.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines Tele-Health as the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long distance healthcare.

What Happens In eTalkTherapy?

Our role is to work alongside you in the task of exploring, understanding and sometimes challenging your life values, vision and ideals.  We are concerned with what matters most to you. We are not here to pass judgment or give advice. We do not spout off clinical jargon or attempt to label you with a diagnosis. There is no set technique or road map for this approach, although we may utilize proven outcome based methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, or acceptance commitment therapy.  We create a plan together and set out in an effort to gain better self awareness and engagement with others. This isn’t about finding a “cure” in the clinical sense. It’s about living life on your terms, problem solving, and creating a life worth living. Ultimately, our goal is to help you be able to live life well and in your own way through examining your personal history, embracing your present strengths and struggles, and accepting the anxiety of an uncertain future.

We will help you explore your weaknesses, limitations and responsibilities as well as your strengths, opportunities and freedoms. Above all, we want to help you find value and meaning in your life.

Can I Afford eTalkTherapy?

How much would you give to live a happier, peaceful, and more productive life? For most people, the answer is “whatever it takes.” However, we understand that almost all of us have financial limitations. eTalkTherapy  is quite affordable, and fits easy into most budgets. If you want to change your life for the better, the cost of eTalkTherapy is a very small price to pay.

When you are not at your best, every part of your life is affected. Even your financial well-being can suffer. However, when you improve your mood, address your stress and anxiety, deal with past traumas and grief, foster better relationships, your finances naturally improve. As you work with your licensed and certified professional at eTalkTherapy, you will get the benefit of that counselor’s education and their years of experience in the mental health field. You’ll also connect with someone who is eager to help you face the obstacles that keep you from creating a life worth living.