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Therapy for Wherever You Are…

Isn’t it time you made a change? We want to build a relationship with you, not just provide a quick fix. We want to give attention to the entire framework of your life, not just your symptoms or a diagnosis. Our approach is about exploring meaning, solving problems, and helping you live authentically with yourself and others. That is to say, we want to help you create a life that is in accordance with your ideals, priorities and values. Authentic living means being true to yourself and honest about your own possibilities and limitations and it is about promoting a life project that is built on your terms. Most people who seek therapy describe feeling “stuck” or “lost” in life.  Together we will examine the benefits of self-exploration, reflection and mindfulness, and the need to promote meaningful relationships with others as a way to overcome loneliness, sadness and worry.

Find solutions, rediscover meaning, and create a life worth living. Spend a few minutes with us, and we think you will agree that eTalkTherapy may benefit your life starting today.