Don Laird

Licensed Therapist

With over 21 years of experience, Don is a seasoned professional in the field of counseling and psychotherapy, offering a comprehensive approach to various mental health and life challenges. He brings a wealth of expertise, warmth, and kindness to his practice. Don’s focus on meaningful conversation and genuine interest in each client’s journey underscores his commitment to helping individuals achieve wellness and purpose.

Specializing in a diverse array of clinical issues ranging from anxiety and depression to grief, guilt, and relationships, Don provides a supportive environment for individuals to navigate life’s complexities. His expertise extends beyond traditional therapy, encompassing existential life coaching and supervision for aspiring counselors.

As the clinical director at eTalkTherapy and as an adjunct professor at Carlow University, Don is deeply engaged in both practice and education. His involvement as a board member and Chair of Professional Development and Education at the International Network of Personal Meaning reflects his dedication to advancing the profession and promoting personal growth, meaning, wellness, and development.

Through his published papers in numerous journals and textbooks and ongoing contributions to the field, Don demonstrates a commitment to exploring existential questions in life, applied existential wellness, Logotherapy, and the pursuit of meaning amid life’s challenges and suffering.

For those seeking guidance and support on their journey toward improved mental health and a fulfilling life, Don offers compassionate, knowledgeable, and valuable insight and support. Reach out to him today to begin your path toward growth and well-being.