Couples Therapy

Let’s face it, relationships and marriages can be difficult, but they are not impossible. Our therapists will help you and your significant other identify where connection, communication and expectations are stuck and unrealistic. If there has been infidelity or a loss of intimacy, your relationship or marriage is going to need expert care and support in order to heal. Our goal is to restore harmony, healthy boundaries and practical expectations to your relationship. By providing encouragement, highlighting strengths and supporting you and your significant other in a way that is not about choosing sides, we will explore new ways to trust, communicate and create a relationship that is healthy, honest and balanced.

Most people attribute the failure of a relationship or marriage to their significant other. Blaming someone else or trying to change the other person instead of focusing on your own expectations and responsibilities seems like an easy way out, but it soon becomes clear that nothing changes unless you do.

Stop fighting against your relationship and start fighting for it! If you feel it’s finally time to talk about the issues that are damaging your relationship or marriage, then contact us today. Our rates are very affordable, the sessions are private, and the results may just surprise you in a positive way. Sessions are conducted live on video through our HIPAA compliant site.